As you may remember from my previous post, I am currently experimenting with more holistic ways of treating my mental illnesses. I decided to schedule a Reiki session at a local holistic healing organization after a colleague told me about it being helpful for treating anxiety and depression. I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck is Reiki? I thought the same thing at first.

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that involves a therapist channeling their energy into you in order to restore chakra balance and activate emotional and physical healing. Chakras are centers of spiritual power located in different parts of the body. Each person has seven: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. They are all responsible for different functions. When a chakra is imbalanced, it can cause dysfunction and even somatic symptoms in that area of the body.

The session began with me laying down on a bed similar to a massage table. There were lit candles and relaxing meditative music filled the air. The therapist first put selenite stones on my chest and in both of my hands. Selenite stones are angelic crystals that are believed to extract negative energy from the body. As the session began, the therapist placed a vibrating instrument on all of my chakras. She explained that this is done in order to align my energetic frequency with that of the earth’s rotation. The rest of the session involved her using essential oils and her hands to manipulate the energy around my body. Sometimes her hands simply waved over my body, other times she massaged a chakra area.

After the session, the therapist took the time to disclose what she learned about me during the session and offered advice on how to promote the healing that I needed.

Regarding my chakras:

  • My heart chakra (responsible for love, healing, and compassion) is currently imbalanced. The therapist believed that this is contributing to some of the physical anxiety that manifests in my chest. My heart chakra is imbalanced due to a lack of self-love. In order to balance this chakra, I need to develop a deep sense of love for myself.
  • My throat chakra (responsible for self-expression, wisdom, and confidence) is also imbalanced. The therapist explained that I don’t express myself or assert myself to the extent that I need to, which in turn imbalances my heart chakra. Expressing myself and my needs regularly, instead of sweeping things under the rug to maintain social harmony, will allow for this chakra to become balanced.
  • My solar plexus chakra (responsible for energy, strength, and social identity) is also out of balance. This is interesting because I have been feeling lethargic and physically weak over the past few months. She explained that a large reason for this imbalance may be my type-1 diabetes, as my inactive pancreas is an organ in the realm of this specific chakra.

Regarding identity:

  • I am an empath. This means that I naturally absorb the energies of those around me. While this contributes to my compassionate nature, it can also be draining and confusing since I feel a lot and often am unaware of the sources of these feelings. The therapist explained that my anxiety may not be as pathological as I originally thought, but spiritual in the sense that these negative feelings may manifest from absorbing a negative energy someone else is giving off. For example, if I feel anxious as I walk into a large room full of people, the anxiety may be the effect of me absorbing the negative energy of someone in that room. Therefore, the anxiety is not coming from within me, but I am picking it up from the world around me. I thought this was interesting because I often avoid driving around the city I live in because I feel a sense of heaviness when I drive past an individual experiencing homelessness. I begin feeling anxious, resentful, abandoned, physically ill, worthless, helpless. Once, when an ex-boyfriend and I both glanced at a homeless man on the sidewalk, my heart became heavy and my face sad. I didn’t realize how much I empathized with other people until my ex-boyfriend said “wow, you look so incredibly sad right now.” Reflecting on this made me think: is it anxiety that keeps me from driving or picking up these individuals’ feelings that do? While I definitely believe I have anxiety disorders, I understand how being an empath contributes to some anxiety I experience. There are ways to shield myself from absorbing this pain. Through meditation and learning to control my own energy, I can begin doing just that.
  • Every person has at least one angel or totem that spiritually guides them. The therapist picked up that my totem is a white owl, which is a rare totem to have. This particular totem represents the fact that I am an old soul who is intuitive, insightful, and is a protector by helping others grow in their own wisdom. This makes sense, as I am a social worker who uses these exact abilities to help clients. This may also explain why I have always been drawn to the moon and stars. However, my owl is not currently flying because something is keeping me from reaching my fullest potential. With meditation and chakra balancing, I can reach that full potential.
  • I am also what is known as a star child, which means I exist at a higher (more spiritual) frequency. Star children often feel out of place in this world; like they just don’t quite belong anywhere or with anyone. They have difficulty finding people who operate at the same frequency as they do, making it difficult for them to connect with others. The therapist explained that many star children experience depression and suicidal ideation because of this sense of isolation. Understanding this can help one accept these feelings and therefore feel less distressed by them. She further explained that star children are on this planet for divine purposes, so remembering that my presence is meaningful is essential for my healing. In fact, she sees me becoming a person in the community that will teach children to heal from pain instead of engaging in the natural process of passing their pain along to others. She sees several children living in my home, maybe foster children. This honestly restored my hope in myself because my calling, since I was fifteen years-old, is to become a foster parent.

Going to a Reiki therapist was definitely an enlightening experience and helped me learn more about myself spiritually. I’m not sure how helpful the actual Reiki ritual was, as I had difficulty entering a meditative state because my mind was racing. This is a common issue that I have that prevents me from relaxing. However, the information the therapist learned about me from the session was extremely helpful and has definitely given me insight to some of my experiences and what to do about them. I hope to attend another session, but not for a while since it costs a good chunk of money. I will be meditating in the meantime.

If you have any experience with Reiki or meditation, I would love to hear about how it affected you!



note: photo by me